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This substack is about what is beyond and behind the music we hear. Our musical practices and preferences are more than simple matters of taste. Rather they reveal a rich polyphony of psychological, political, social, and theological intuitions which animate our lives.


Research: Welcome

Matt's research and writings explore the religious meaning of the cantorate and of Jewish musical forms, both past and present. His doctoral dissertation studies the professionalization of Ashkenazi cantors in early modern Europe (1500-1800), an era of profound musical experimentation and transgression. Matt's other research interests include the secular music of Solomon Sulzer, and the intersections of music, communal, structure, and theology in contemporary Jewish music and community. Matt is active in bridging research and communal narrative, and leads a number of projects which preserve, question, and celebrate Jewish music.

Research: About

Published Articles

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"Rossi in Moravia"
The Rise of Cantorial Professionalism in Bohemian Lands and Poland-Lithuania in the Seventeenth Century

Coming Fall 2023
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The Sovereign Musical Self
Musical Leadership in the Conservative Movement

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Book Review:
The Torah of Music


Beautiful Landscape

Choose Life:
The Cantorial Profession in a Time of Change


"Torah Divine"
Times of Israel


"Inner Strength Training"
Times of Israel


The Torah of the Choir

Finding Our Voice,
Expanding Our Range:

Exploring A Cappella as a Mode of Communal Prayer



CA 75th Anniversary Journal

A commemorative journal featuring biographies, music, new scholarship, and reflections on 75 years of the Cantors Assembly. 

[Cantors Assembly, June 2022]

Ilu Finu Book Layout Cover 4.30.2019 VF (1).jpg

Ilu Finu

A Cappella for Jewish Prayer

(Cantors Assembly, 2019)

Tefillat Shmuel

Selected Writings of

Cantor Samuel Rosenbaum (1919-1997)

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